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With the days getting shorter and the nights colder, it's clear that we're heading straight towards the Alt Film Winter Sessions. More news in the May 2007 newsletter, but suffice it to say that there will be a whole batch of longer films and documentaries on the menu, including films from the 2006 Tri-Continental Film Festival.

We start April with a bang, in the form of the DVD and CD launch party of "Mr. Devious – My Life". Respect. Come along to learn from and about the man, Devious. Expect a large crowd. A very hip-hop crowd. And the press. The film screening will precede a night of music, with tribute performances by Natalie van Rooy, Blaq Pearl, Ace, Strategist & Troy, with DJ Eon on the decks. Not to mention the extra appearances and spontaneous entertainment!

Since X-CAPE is already with us, herewith a short description of what it is:

X- CAPE was initiated by the CAPE Africa Platform (CAPE) in 2006. As of January 2007, the coordination of X-CAPE has been managed in partnership with VANSA (Visual Arts Network of South Africa). X-CAPE is an artist-led programme of activities by artists and cultural practitioners from across Cape Town and South Africa to coincide with the CAPE 2007 art event from 24 March – 02 May, 2007.

alt film will be hosting the film screening aspect of this extended exhibition in April. Details about the films appear further down in this newsletter, and more info on X-CAPE is available at

Note that we're adding a doccie about comic books and the superheroes themselves in April – a great chance to see the people and artists behind characters like Superman and Spiderman.

And ending the April screenings is a night of student film, provided by AFDA.

A big Thank You to our contributors:

  • John Fredericks (4 Wall Films)
  • Martina Della Togna ( Rainbow Circle Films)
  • Rob Robson & Moa Lindh ( X-CAPE), as well as all the X-CAPE participants
  • Peter Adolphs (AFDA)
  • Dale Yudelman

Zula Sound Bar at 194 Long Street ,

Cape Town , South Africa

7-9 pm every Sunday

Free entry

Cold and warm drinks provided by the bar,

and food by the restaurant

see you there!

alt film team

Alt film was established to collect and screen* film being made by creative South Africans today, as well as work that most powerfully incorporates and describes the inevitable evolution of the medium.

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The short version: April 2007

1 April: Mr Devious – My Life (DVD & CD launch)

8 April: X-CAPE (Drama & comedy short films)

15 April: X-CAPE (A variety of short films)

22 April: Spyder-Man: Once Upon a Time the Heroes (doccie)

29 April: AFDA student films

1 April 2007

This evening is dedicated to the screening of the documentary about Devious, as well as musical tribute performances to this icon. Therefore the normal flow of alt film will be modified to combine the film screening with further events, including a Q&A session after the film, as well as live hip-hop acts, DJ's and more.

Mr Devious – My Life (DVD & CD launch)

Dir: John Fredericks

Duration: 48 min

SA 2007

"Mr Devious – my life" is the uplifting story of a talented son of Mitchell's Plain, South Africa, Mario van Rooy a.k.a "Mr Devious", who used his gift for music to inspire young people to rise above the stigma of poverty & gangsterism.

Mr Devious, an up and coming young South African hip-hop emcee tells his own story in this documentary film about his life. We track the journey from his humble beginnings as a kid in the Cape Flats to his rise to fame as a musician and hip hop artist, and later as he grows into the roles of dedicated father of two daughters, and educator and facilitator of youth at risk.

"My parents did not want to raise a gangster so we moved here to Mitchell's Plain which was a suburb at that time," Devious' voice enlightens the viewer over footage of Beacon Valley.

Monotonous rows of drab houses straddle the streets. Washing flutter in the breeze between the graffiti scrawled blocks of flats. Poverty and unemployment is rife and is evident by the scores of young people hanging around street corners as Devious continues his narration of the dynamics of the area. We capture the eerie stillness and underlying evil as the locals stare at the camera in avarice.

Ready D, Shamiema from Godessa and Shahien from Prophets of the City, share their insight as the talent of Mr. Devious rises to the attention of the music industry.

Mr Devious relates to us how he was offered a record deal if he in exchange would leave his wife and daughter behind. Realizing the record executives wanted to play God with his life he refuses to compromise and returns home, hooks up with his buddies and they record their own albums.

Reaching out to the youth and the community, inspiring them to take charge of their lives. Fiery and passionate he takes on the role of the spokesperson of his people. His lyrics are about every kind of injustices that his people have to endure, from aids, drugs, gangs, violence, social and juvenile justice. Mr Devious makes his voice heard, and becomes the Che Guevara of the Cape Flats who believed in Justice for all.

"Look at it now, you can't get away from it and you ask yourself why a ghetto. Things are much deeper than you think".

On the 23rd of January 2004, Mario died violently at the hands of a small group of gang members, the very same kind of youth that he dedicated his life's work to. In the end he died with colours flying as he made the ultimate sacrifice defending his dad who was being stabbed and robbed, leaving behind his wife Natalie, his two young daughters and an unborn child.

When Mario is killed it seems all hope is lost, but out of the darkness a strong voice emerges, as Natalie van Rooy, his wife and mother of his children picks up his spear, and makes meaning of his legacy.

The filmmakers present an honest deeply thought-through film that reflects the passionate life, death and legacy of Mr. Devious, an Icon of the Cape Flats and South Africa.

8 April 2007

Post Mortem 2010

Dir: Dale Yudelman

Duration: 5 min

SA 2006

During a morning talk show on a leading national radio station SAFM - three South Africans – Fanie, Robert and Angela call in to voice their opinion on the news of South Africa winning the Soccer World Cup 2010 bid.

What emerges is an unselfconscious social portrait as conversations illuminate some of the misgivings, old fears and hidden agendas that lurk within. Yet in spite of prejudice – an innocent and bold optimism reveals itself in the passionate way South Africans participate and relate to matters of national pride.

X-CAPE: Film Showcase by Citibird Creative Arts

Dir: Sandie Banda

Duration: 90 min

A selection of short films that use both drama and comedy to explore everything from HIV/AIDS, jealousy, hypocrisy and adultery, to blessings in disguise, golden secrets and more.

Their aim is to educate, entertain and enlighten the audience to take pride in positive living.

Includes the drama and comedy films The extreme, I don't know, Time for Everything, Out of order, Reaction, Tipex, Mundali, Tear and original colours & Complexities of Love Part I.

15 April 2007

X-CAPE: Various short films

Confessions of an Altered Boy

Anthony Sloan

Duration: 30 min

SA 2006

This film is essentially a filmed record of the recording of an Audio Drama (in the tradition of the Radio Dramas of the last century). It aims to express concerns, demonstrate possibilities, and create an experience of changing perceptions toward learning, teaching and being.

The filming and recording took place at the African Media Matrix building's television studios. Therefore the viewer gets the unique chance to see the faces behind the voices of the Audio Drama.

This film screenings links up with the Audio Drama session at the Labia on Saturday 21 April (also part of X-CAPE).

The Journey to Freedom Narrative

Dir: Gwen Miller

Duration: 30 min


Storytelling for reconciliation : Initially created for the 2004 National Celebrations of 10 Years of Democracy, this multimedia work combines animation, choir music and embroidered images to explore memory and the (re)making of history, while seeking routes towards healing and empowerment.

The ZET one-minute videos

Alite Thijsen

Duration: 60 seconds per video, 30 min total


Time may be limited, by certainly creativity isn't. These 60 second works by artists from across Africa combine sharp editing, contemporary visual language and traditional techniques. Created during workshops in Morocco, these short films relate to the process of globalization, economic and cultural relations.

I am an African

Dirs: Sonja Rademeyer & Assane Sar

Duration: 7 min


This collaborative work between Assane Sar (West Africa) and Sonya Rademeyer (South Africa) explores exchange - not only between individuals, but also across cultures and religions. The film comments on the artist's own identity within the African continent, what it means to be white and African.

X-CAPE after alt film ( 9pm onwards)

Not waving but drowning by Citibird Creative Arts:

Inspired by the famous Stevie Smith poem, this play offers a winsome yet devastating exploration into contemporary society.

22 April 2007

Spyder-Man: Once Upon a Time the Heroes

Dir: Michel Viotte

Duration: 100 min

France/Canada 2002

A detailed documentary about graphic novels, such as the Marvel comic books.

The film contains many interviews with the graphic artists themselves, discussing the history, the artists, the techniques, and the stories behind the stories of characters such as Spider-Man, Superman, the Silver Surfer and many more.

X-CAPE after alt film ( 9pm onwards)

Comedy Showcase by Citibird Creative Arts:

One and two man comedy acts that take the audience to various levels of laughter, while sending a message of love and unity.

29 April 2007

AFDA Student Films 2006

Nearly 80 minutes of student short films:

Charioteer (Alexander Alaka) – Fictional animation

Bottled (Siphiwo Sobopha) – Animation (including stop-motion)

Bitter Sweet (Daniel McArthur) – Animation

Lights Out (Clinton Jones) – 3D animation

Wearing my Mother's Genes (Fiela Jonck) – Drama

Hollywood in my Huis (Corne van Rooyen) – Comic drama

Together Alone (Riodan Allen) – Drama

Iziko (Paul M Cuba) - Drama

X-CAPE after alt film ( 9pm onwards)

Without a Kiss by Citibird Creative Arts:

An intimate love story that explores interpersonal relationships, abuse, as well as social and gender inequality.